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Will McGillis is in deep shit.

Betrayed by the mercenary crew of his orbital clean-up vessel and blown out into space with nothing but a suit and his wits, McGillis must perform the impossible if he’s ever to see his family again.

Written by Chris Sides, this Yancy Street Award-nominated sci-fi action adventure is published by Markosia Enterprises and has some incredible artwork and letters by Jake Rowlinson and some breathtaking colours from Dan Franco.

This is the first official book set in the Frostbyte universe.

9/10 - '...lingers long after the last page is turned.'

‘An effortless masterclass in superior storytelling’ – Dan Butcher (VANGUARDEL MARVO)

‘…builds you up, keeps you guessing throughout and shafts you with a cracking ending…highly recommended’. – Tony Esmond (AWESOME COMICS POD)

‘If you’re in the mood for a cinematic action thriller with some brains snuck in, this is well worth picking up.’ – 2000AD And Beyond

‘… a rollercoaster thrill ride that will leave you guessing right up to the last of it.’ 

– Michael Francis, ADVANCE COMICS

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