The FrostByte Legacy

The Frostbyte Legacy is a series of stories set within a fictional future history of the world, where Frostbyte Industries, a vast, multi-national and incredibly influential technology company, is the one constant. IMPOSSIBLE is the first official foray into this universe. Unofficially, it started in our first self-published work, DARK MATTER.

Each of the stories are standalone, so you don’t need to have read one to make sense of the other. However, occasionally they link to other stories in this universe overtly, sometimes subtly, but they’re all linked.

The Facebook page associated with this, where you’ll get up to date news on upcoming stories set in this universe. You’ll also find information on the books in the series by heading to their individual pages on this site.

This page will a constant work-in-progress, where I’ll be updating the list of books and a list of key characters as the stories are released.



Art by Freja Steele

Letters by Chris Travell

-From DARK MATTER vol. 1


Art by Randy Haldeman

Letters by Ken Reynolds

-From DARK MATTER vol. 2


Art by Jake Rowlinson 

Colours by Dan Franco