Whispering Sands


Artwork by Freja Steele / Letters & design by Chris Travell

Northern Phuket, Thailand. Local fisherman Chen enjoys a rare ocean excursion with his estranged young son, Kai, off the coastline of a popular holiday resort. As Kai excitedly makes the first catch of the day, the shoreline suddenly recedes, leaving Chen’s boat stranded. Chen knows this is bad news – gathering Kai, he makes to run, but something in the sand catches his eye. Something he can’t ignore. Something with a message… 

A one-shot inspired by the large number of bizarre supernatural occurrences that took place after the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami in Thailand, WHISPERING SANDS is a story of disaster and hope when all is seemingly lost.

Includes a 10-page bonus story, IN THE FOREST OF SCORCHED TREES, created especially for this release.

‘...illustrates how the starkness of reality can haunt us in worse ways than horror tropes can.’
Tony Esmond
Never Iron Anything

‘Chris Sides…skilfully develops a nightmare that is both supernatural and psychological.’ – Kirsty Hunter, Big Comic Page.

4/5 – ‘…touched something inside me as I read it. I definitely look forward to more works from the creative team!’ – Jodi Scaife, Fanboy Comics.

7/10 – ‘…a win-win across the board from the creative team.’

-Gary Watson, Comics Anonymous

‘It’s an intriguing take on an emotionally powerful subject matter and one that manages to avoid slipping into mawkish sentimentality or inappropriate sensationalism thanks to a smartly written script from (Chris) Sides.

-Alex Thomas, Pipedream Comics

3/5 – ‘…a wonderful short story.’

-Dustin Cabeal, Comics Bastards

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