Dark Matter series

DARK MATTER is a series of anthologies created by Chris Sides and Chris Travell. Each volume contains stories of varying genres that explore the darker side of life; sometimes down-to-earth, sometimes fantastical, but always with a dark twist or theme. 

Don’t expect a happy ending.

Created by Chris Sides and Chris Travell, DARK MATTER is an anthology of nine short tales written by Chris Sides, with artwork by a plethora of indie talent, including: 

Chris Travell — artwork on TG92ZQ==(LOVE) and PASSENGER  

Dean Sandford — artwork on COLD CALLER

 Simon Bennett Hayes — artwork on OUT OF TIME and RUN

Mahmut Dervish — artwork on BLACK EARTH

Freja Steele — artwork on THE CARETAKER and THE DEPARTURE

Ash Hewerdine — artwork on SOME WORDS OF ADVICE

and a cover by the inimitable Colin Lorimer (HARVEST, HELLRAISER: BESTIARY, MILLENIUM).

For a quick, introspective and moody read, DARK MATTER will do the trick...'

‘(Chris’) ability to build worlds around his characters is impressive, especially given the limited time each story is given to develop.’

-Craig ‘Ceej’ Neilson, Big Comic Page

‘Chris has a grasp on the five page story; he understand the beats that you need to establish and tell a story and leave on a down/up note.’

-Tony Esmond, Down The Tubes

‘…highly recommended for fans of science fiction or horror comics.’

-Jack Chambers, Inter-Comics Podcast

8/10 – ‘…the collection has a particular dynamic all of its own.’

-Tony Jones, Starburst Magazine

‘There are such brilliant concepts in here, they’re really well written…’ 

A great video review by Pippa Bailey from The Ghoul Guides YouTube channel

Six stories. Nine artists. One Writer.

No happy endings.

Created by Chris Sides and Chris Travell, DARK MATTER II follows along the same vein as its critically well-received predecessor – a collection of six short stories of varying genres, but all infused with a dark edge that’ll cut deep.

The 72 page anthology, written by Chris Sides, features artwork from:

Paul Moore (PLANET OF THE DAEMONS), Charlie Hogg (TORSOBEAR), Chris Travell (DARK MATTER), Randy Haldeman (THE JACKET WEBCOMIC), Matt Harrower (THE KILL SCREEN), Jim Lavery (FUTUREQUAKE), Aljosa Tomic (BLOODFELLAS), Dan Cornwell (ROK OF THE REDS) and Ken Reynolds (COGNITION).

It also features some guest pinups from some of the artists above, as well well as horror maestro Jason Miller and a digitally painted cover by Chris Knapman.

'...if you’re in the mood for a graphic novel anthology of pessimistic and thought-provoking stories about the less savory sides of humanity, this book is definitely what you need...the stories will stick in your mind to revisit for a long while' - 4/5

‘Another leap in quality…DARK MATTER is really turning into an interesting series of intelligently told stories’ – 

-Tony Esmond, Down The Tubes

‘Glorious to read, easy to get lost in and stunning to look at…that’s a win on every level’ – 9/10

-Gary Watson, Comics Anonymous

‘An extremely compelling read’ – 4/5

-James Blundell, Pipedream Comics

‘Something for everybody, really, assuming you like a bit of despair, because DARK MATTER II doesn’t half live up to its title.’

-Miles Hamer, Comic Heroes magazine

‘Looking for a series of fun and interesting stories with twists reminiscent of The Twilight Zone? Then Dark Matter II is right up your alley.’

-Kevin Harkins, AP2HYC


The third, and final, volume in the series is in production. 

Stay tuned…