CHRIS SIDES is a UK-based writer/creator of comics, among other things.

Chris started writing about 10 years ago, partly as he found his career in teaching off-putting. He now writes in the hope that he can continue putting-off going back to a career in teaching.

He has written and self-published a number of books, including the horror thriller HERE & THERE – successfully funded on Kickstarter – the DARK MATTER anthologies and WHISPERING SANDS, all under the moniker of Redshift Press.

Chris’ published works include CLOSE from Comichaus and IMPOSSIBLE from Markosia Enterprises.

He has also written a spattering of short stories for a number of UK and US publishers, including Alterna Comics, FutureQuake and Dude, What? Comics.

He is currently the spinner of many plates, with the forthcoming sci-fi action thriller THE GUNRUNNER launching in 2020 from Markosia Enterprises, as well as the final book in the DARK MATTER series currently in production and another as-yet-unannounced one-shot for Comichaus.