CHRIS SIDES is a UK-based writer/creator of comics, among other things.

Chris started writing about 10 years ago, partly as he found his career in teaching off-putting. He now writes in the hope that he can continue putting-off going back to a career in teaching.

He has written and self-published a number of books, including the horror thriller HERE & THERE – successfully funded on Kickstarter – the DARK MATTER anthologies and WHISPERING SANDS, all under the moniker of Redshift Press.

Chris’ published works include THE GUNRUNNER and IMPOSSIBLE from Markosia Enterprises, as well as CLOSE from Comichaus.

He has also written a spattering of short stories for a number of UK and US publishers, including Alterna Comics, FutureQuake and Dude, What? Comics.

He is currently the spinner of many plates, with the final book in the DARK MATTER series currently in production, another as-yet-unannounced one-shot for Comichaus and BROKEN INFINITY, a series of 16 page short stories to be released online with artist Adam Jakes.